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The Secrétariat à la jeunesse

is an agent of change that serves as a bridge between ideas by and for young people and the means to reach them by acting as a voice for partners who can relate to them.

The organization aims to bring together young people around projects that will enrich Edmundston, by supporting youth events, increasing youth engagement and promoting entrepreneurship as a career choice for young people.




Co-Presidents : Audrey Gagné & Frédérique Bossé

Treasurer : Abdel Ouahab Amri

Secretary : Vacant

In January 1868,

Sir Edmund Walker Head died. He who lent his name to the city of Edmundston was swept away by infarction. An advocate of the creation of Canada, he marked his era with his marginal ideas and daring. Imaginative, he will have left his mark.

Sir Edmund Walker Head Go Edmundston

Legend of the Unicorn

Following his death,

the soul of this British nobleman was condemned to return to the region which bears his name, to complete his work. In the form of a unicorn, a distinctive element of his coat of arms, he returns to inspire young people to finally release his spirit.

Sir Edmund emblem character of Go Edmundston

Go Edmundston,

it is a movement dedicated to pursuing this mission. Those who join it want to stand out and make a difference in Edmundston. For them, there is no doubt that young people play an important role in the development of their city. Join the movement!

Sir Edmund emblem character of Go Edmundston


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