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Population Growth

1. Retention 

  • Awareness among young people to stay in the region

  • Promotion of what to do in Edmundston


2. Attraction/Repatriation

  • Serve as a bridge with young people who want to come back and those we want to attract

3. Immigration

  • Support actors working in the field to better integrate newcomers to Edmundston

Community Involvement

1. Youth mobilization

  • Promote, value and create initiatives for young people to have their active participation in the community

2. Partnerships

  • Support the City and partners in current and potential projects


3. Collaboration

  • Work with organizations so as not to work in silos

  • Be the voice for young people in City of Edmundston projects

Sustainable Development

1. Governance and Human Resources

  • Ensure the sustainability of resources through knowledge transfer and diversification


2. Visibility and business practice

  • Establish and promote green and sustainable business practices


3. Eco-responsibility

  • Promotion of low-budget eco-responsible initiatives for the community


1. Economical

  • Partnership to reduce the impacts of minorities at work (person with special needs, newcomer, person from an ethnic minority, etc.)


2. Social

  • Facilitate youth integration


3. Community

  • Support to facilitate the social cohesion of oppressed groups (LGBTQ +, indigenous people, etc.)

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